Master Lock Lockbox
We utilize lockboxes over keys because the owner will always know where your key is, it is safe, and helps if your primary walker has an emergency and a back-up needs to carry out the visit. Note: The lockbox does not need to be attached to your door. Many clients choose to attach it somewhere on the side of the house or place it in potted plant or mailbox.

Trace Minerals + ZipFizz + Mamma Chia
Hydration and fuel on the go are a must to keep us going for our energized furry friends.  We are prepared and have these in our dog bag at all times.

Easy Walk Harness
The Easy Walk does just as it's name implies and it has been a shoulder and arm saver for us.  The design of this harness doesn't allow the dog to use their weight to pull because the leash connects at the chest.  We are quite the fan of this tool!

LupinePet Originals
With the right tools one can do their job more efficiently.  For us the right tools do that, but also keep all safe.  A well made leash like the Lupine and the Easy Walk are our favorites because the collar won't slip over the dog's head and the leash keeps them inside a manageable radius. You'd be surprised what we come across on our walks.  We greatly prefer these over retractable leashes.
Their products guaranteed (even if chewed), American made, and durable - what's not to like?

Life Gear - Glow Stick, Flashlight, & Whistle
Safety is number one for Game Time!  Anytime we have a visit at dusk or later - this thing is with us.  It has a glow function that helps drivers to see you, a flashlight in case you can't quite find where #2 was dropped, and a whistle to alert if needed.