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Dog Walking 

Exercise is a fundamental need that must be filled for a dog to be happy and healthy.  We pride ourselves at taking professional care of your pet with safety being our number one concern.  We have stellar customer service and are constantly in touch via text, email, and phone with updates.  You can have peace of mind while your dog is a happy hound.  Rates start at $16 per visit.

Dog Running 

For some dogs a walk just isn't enough and they want to run and romp. We are up for the fun and take the dog out for a faster paced exercise excursion.  $1/minute.

Aerobic Play 

For the pup that just can't get enough games of fetch in one day! Maybe they have a favorite game that they just LOVE LOVE!  Well, we will PLAY PLAY on hyper drive until they are ready for a NAP NAP!  Rates start at $18 per visit.


Canine Cab

Does your pup need a ride to the vet, groomer, or grandmas?! We're here to help!  Each case is different so please call and tell us your specific needs.  Rates start at $15.


Pet Supply Pick Up

Need pet food, but don't have the time for the additional stop at the pet store? We can pick it up and deliver it to your doorstep.  Rates start at $15.

Wedding Day Dog Handler

I GREATLY enjoyed having my dogs at my wedding. I just LOVED it!!  Them being there was so important to me and I can't even tell you the joy it brought me to see their happy faces.  I would be thrilled to assist you if you would like your dogs to be a part of your special day. 

We are dedicated to creating personalized solutions, so if what you need is not on here we will accommodate your request if we have the skills to do so.